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Our vision of business

Gathering under one roof all the necessary expertise involved in the field of biosafety would require developing a large organisational structure and generate significant operational costs.

Rather than aiming at such a goal, we work on the basis of a collaboration between a limited number of associated partners with a broad and complementary experience of biosafety, connected to a wide and open network of ad hoc collaborators and experts.

In our views, such an organisation is the most likely to provide customers with a sound, well adapted and cost-effective response to their needs.

Our approach

In all our missions we want to work in partnership with our our customers and complement their efforts to meet their challenges. To do so, we propose a personalised approach with clear objectives, timelines and cost allocations.

Our constant will when working on a project is to develop pragmatic solutions that are compliant, adapted to the needs and commensurate with the stakes our customer is facing.

We collaborate with external experts in an open way. Our role in such collaborations is to co-ordinate their efforts in order to make sure their input is fully in line with the targets agreed with our customer.

Xibios, the company

Xibios launched its first biosafety consulting activities in Belgium in 2003 and entered into partnership with Jenal & Partners in 2005 for several projects in Switzerland.

Xibios is now a registered company (''SPRL'' or ''BVBA'') under the Belgian law. It operates at the local and international levels.

Xibios is currently constituted of two associated partners with a broad and complementary personal experience in biosafety.

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